Partners & Affiliates

Over the years, Gem-A has created partnerships and international affiliations around the globe. Whether this be through our accredited teaching centres and practical providers positioned in over 30 countries or our publication links with other leading gem labs across the world, Gem-A is a truly international brand with support and recognition on a worldwide scale.

To find out more about the companies and people we work with, take a look at our list below:

American Gemological Laboratories (AGL)

Assist with the publication of The Journal of Gemmology.

Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF

Co-producers of The Journal of Gemmology and service providers for our coloured stone testing service via Gemmological Instruments.

Gemmological Institute Thailand (GIT)

Assist with the publication of The Journal of Gemmology.

National Association of Jewellers (NAJ)

Publishers of The Jeweller which is circulated to Gem-A members with Gems&Jewellery.

Scottish Gemmological Association (SGA)

Formerly a Gem-A branch, the SGA is one of Gem-A's closest allies and friends.

World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO)

Partners on a number of projects, Gem-A's GemCode is based on the CIBJO Blue Blooks that govern nomenclature and terminology for the industry

Jewelry Television (JTV)

Original co-producers of GemBasics for American TV audiences and major sponsor of the Gem-A Conference since 2012.

Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ)

Promote Gem-A workshops and education through their website and membership services.

Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA)

Our sister Association down-under provides Gemmology courses and acts as Gem-A’s exam centre in Australia.

Federation of European Education in Gemmmology (FEEG)

Comprised of the 9 largest gem and diamond schools across Europe, Gem-A took a central role in forming the FEEG back in 1999 and continue to hold key positions of influence on the FEEG committee today. More information available on the FEEG Website.

World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation (WJCEF)
Part of CIBJO, Gem-A work with WJCEF on supporting a number of their education initatives.


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