House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth

C W Sellors recently announced the official launch of its House Style Jewellery Collection - an exclusive collection designed by C W Sellors Fine Jewellery to complement the magnificent House Style exhibition, which opened at Chatsworth House in March. 

The exhibition has been six years in the planning and is the biggest and most ambitious to date. It draws upon the exquisite jewellery owned and worn by the Cavendish family over the generations; from exotic headdresses to glittering diamond tiaras and renowned insect brooches, which belonged to Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire, the last of the celebrated Mitford sisters.

Silver Marcasite Chatelaine Pendants
Silver Marcasite Chatelaine Pendants

The new House Style Collection is divided into distinct design styles - the Diamond Palmette collection, the Chatelaine collection, the Chatsworth Heritage collection and an insect-inspired selection -  reflecting the glamour, elegance and history of Chatsworth. 

Marcasite, Garnet and Pearl Spider Brooch. Image courtesy of C W Sellors.
Marcasite, Garnet and Pearl Spider Brooch. 

The exhibition House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth explores the history of fashion and adornment to date, giving an unprecedented insight into the depth of the Devonshire Collection.

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As well as being a major sponsor, C W Sellors’ workshop at Ashbourne in Derbyshire recreated three statement pieces to go on public display.

"Being able to show the Devonshire tiaras with the clothes that they were worn with considerably adds to the spectacle of the show," said Lady Burlington, a member of the Cavendish family.

The exhibition runs until 22 October, so make sure you don't miss the opportunity to see these fabulous gems. ■

Silver Marcasite and Derbyshire Blue John 4-Stone Dragonfly Brooch. Image courtesy of C W Sellors.
Silver Marcasite and Derbyshire Blue John 4-Stone Dragonfly Brooch. 

To find out more about this collection visit C W Sellors Fine Jewellery.

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Cover image 18 kt Yellow Gold Blue Plique-a-jour Pendant and Brooch with Diamonds and Monnstone. All images courtesy of C W Sellors.

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