Harrods Unearths 228.31 ct Diamond from its Vaults for Private Sale

London department store Harrods has delved into its vault to unveil a 228.31 ct diamond for the first time.

Nicknamed ‘The Harrods Diamond’ by its anonymous owner, the stone has been released from the retailer’s safety deposit vault and is now available to view by appointment only.

The pear-shaped, G-colour, VS1-clarity polished diamond can be counted among the world’s rarest, largely due to its incredible size but also its exceptional cut and symmetry.

While the majority of large diamonds are sold at auction, Harrods is offering interested parties the chance to buy this diamond privately on a first come, first serve basis.

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Chief merchant at Harrods, Helen David, comments: “We are thrilled to unveil one of the world’s rarest diamonds, the so-called Harrods Diamond, named after the iconic Knightsbridge store.  It is rare that stones of this weight, cut, polish and symmetry are sold outside auction, so this is an exceptional opportunity for Harrods’ customers and a very exciting moment in Harrods’ history.”

228.31 ct Harrods' Diamond
The 228.31 ct Harrods Diamond. Image courtesy of Harrods

Harrods has long offered its most affluent customers access to its Victorian-era safe deposit facilities, comprising small boxes all the way up to whole strong rooms. All are available for fixed annual rates and are accessible via a single key, which remains in the customer’s possession at all times.

Although the price of the Harrods Diamond is only available upon application, predictions have been made as to the final figure.

In 2013, Christie’s auctioned one of the world’s most exceptional pear-shaped diamonds – an internally flawless, 101.73 ct, D-colour gem with perfect symmetry. It was eventually purchased for $26,746,541 (£21.5m).

Although the Harrods Diamond differs in colour, its larger size and luxurious association is likely to see its price soar to more than £20 million. ■  

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Cover image courtesy of Harrods.

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