Pantone Colour of the Year points to Peridot in 2017

The Pantone Color Institute has announced a vibrant yellow-green shade as its official 'Colour of the Year' for 2017. 

The hue, also known as Greenery 15-0343, is described as a "refreshing and revitalising shade" that "evokes the first days of spring". Pantone first began to select its annual 'Colour of the Year' in 2000 and its influence can be seen across consumer trends, fashion design and jewellery design. 

Greenery is perhaps best captured by peridot, which offers a similar shade of pale yellowish green to deep green. The intensity of colour in peridot and each specimen’s particular tint of green is dependent upon the percentage of iron contained in its crystal structure. 

For jewellery designers considering their collections for 2017, it may also be interesting to note that peridot is the August birthstone. Its signature lime-tinted colour is believed to instill power and influence the wearer's decision-making. It is also said to ward off nightmares and alleviate feelings of stress when worn on the body. 

Peridot gemstone
Peridot could see a rise in popularity thanks to the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017

Other green hued gemstones may be bolstered by Pantone’s 2017 choice, especially in more accessible fashion and fashion-fine jewellery collections. Examples could include chrysoprase, aventurine, tourmaline, green sapphires and chrysoberyl. 

Although emerald is the obvious choice for green gemstones in fine and high-jewellery, other choices may end up on the jeweller’s bench, including Mali garnet, chrome diposide, tsavorite and jade. 

Pantone chose two shades for 2016 – pale blue Serenity and milky pink Rose Quartz. Although the exact colours are tricky to harness exactly in gemstone form, the ethereal nature of both shades was highlighted on the high street thanks to a boom in the variety of quartz gemstones and the number of feldspar gemstones displaying schiller. ■  

Find out more about Pantone's 'Colour of the Year' in the video below... 

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