Inhorgenta 2017 Set to Impress with Gem Forum and Pearl Forum Seminars

Munich-based trade event Inhorgenta has taken its seminar content up a notch for 2017, incorporating a Gem Forum and its fourth annual Pearl Forum on the opening two days of the show.

The international buying event, which officially opens its doors on February 18, will welcome a plethora of speakers, including jewellery expert Joanna Hardy FGA DGA, GemWorld International president, Richard Drucker FGA (honorary), and pearl expert Dr Hubert Bari. 

Alongside its seminar programme, Inhorgenta offers its 'Carat' hall dedicated to gemstone, diamond and pearl wholesalers. The range on offer also includes natural geodes, discs and many other gemstone specimens. 

Assessing the gems on display at Inhorgenta Munich 2016

Inhorgenta 2017 Gemstone Forum schedule – Saturday 18 February 

Once the excitement of the morning has died down, Inhorgenta will present its Gemstone Forum, starting with a talk by Joanna Hardy from 2.30pm-3.30pm titled 'Coloured Gemstones in Jewellery Design Through the Ages'.  

This will be swiftly followed by 'Exploring the World for New Gem Discoveries' – a lecture by gemstone miner, trader and 'modern Indiana Jones', Yianni Melas. 

Melas is perhaps best-known for discovering 'Aquaprase'; a type of chalcedony that had evaded discovery until 2015. The Greek explorer discovered the bluish-green, translucent gem in Africa, although a more precise location remains undisclosed to the public. According to a report by the GIA, who authenticated the material: "Although chalcedony varieties such as chrysoprase and Gem Silica are well known and occur in yellowish green and greenish blue colours, the colour of this material was distinctly different from any African chalcedony examined by GIA to date."

The Gemstone Forum offer will continue with an update on gemstone treatments and deposits by Dr Claudio Millisenda (DGemG), who will conduct his talk at 3.30pm in German. Visitors can, however, benefit from a translation service played through a headset. Finally, the day one schedule will conclude with a talk by Gemworld International president, Richard Drucker FGA (hons), who will discuss 'Pricing Colour: The Methodology and Challenges'.

Any visitors to Munich who return to the show for day two, Sunday February 19, will also have the chance to experience the fourth annual Pearl Forum – a series of talks and seminars that have proved especially popular in recent editions of the trade event. Take a look at the video below to see Dr Laurent Cartier FGA sharing his words of wisdom at the 2016 Pearl Forum...

The theme for the 2017 Pearl Forum focuses on unexpected types of pearls, including finding innovative ways of using pearls in jewellery and creative means to market them. ‘The Rare and Unique World of Natural Pearls’ will be the first talk of the day at 10.30am, led by Dr Hubert Bari. Dr Bari is a graduate of the University of Strasbourg and a lecturer at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. He has dedicated years to designing and organising exhibitions, and was the first to introduce audio guide systems more than 20-years ago. More recently, Dr Bari orchestrated the Pearls Exhibition, which travelled from Qatar to Tokyo in 2012, and later to London’s Victoria & Albert museum. 

A selection of pearls on display at Inhorgenta Munich 2016

At 11am, Douglas McLaurin, of Cortez Pearls, will discuss pearls from Mexico, followed by a discussion on ‘Pushing the Boundaries of Pearl Design’ by designer Melanie Georgacopoulous. Both of these lectures will be quickly succeeded by ‘Selling Pearls Online: Connecting with the Millennial Market’ – a talk by Pearl Paradise founder, Jeremy Shepherd. 

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Shepherd founded after discovering the world of pearls during his travels around Asia. Today, the digital company with its ‘farm-direct prices’ approach is worth a staggering $20 million, despite very little advertising.

The fourth annual Pearl Forum will conclude with a screening of ‘Power of Pearls’ – a film created by directors Ahbra Perry and Taylor Higgins of On the Reel Productions. The duo has travelled extensively to some of the most remote regions of the earth in order to learn more about pearls. Their film, which uses a combination of underwater, aerial and slow motion footage, will be formally premiered later this year. ■ 

Take a look at the trailer for ‘Power of Pearls’ below… 

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All photos by Inhorgenta Munich, except where otherwise stated. 

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