The Journal of Gemmology - Volume 37 No. 6 2021

Figure to accompany the article:

Vielzeuf D., Giordano B., Devidal J.-L., Ricolleau A., Perrin J., Balme-Heuze C. and Floquet N. 2021. Identification of precious corals (Corallium rubrum vs C. japonicum) using LA-ICP-MS analysis. Journal of Gemmology, 37(6), 2021, 596–607,


Photomicrographs and petrographic investigations to accompany the article:

Hänni H.A., Brunk R. and Franz L. 2021. An investigation of grinding hardness of some ornamental stones. Journal of Gemmology, 37(6), 2021, 632–643,