Loan Stone Library

Gemmology students living in the UK and the USA are eligible to join our Loan Stone Library, enabling them to borrow a diverse sample of stone sets for an additional fee.

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain has a fascinating library of stones which are available to those who are studying on our ODL and on-site Foundation and Diploma in Gemmology courses. The library has been designed to enhance a student’s experience in handling gems and to provide a clear insight into features to look for in the everyday handling of commercial cut and rough stones.

Depending at what stage you have reached in your course, we will indicate which stone sets are most valuable for you to look at. Each set of stones contains between ten and twenty specimens, which provide relevant and clearly identifiable features and characteristics. Examples of sets available include those for general testing, observation using a 10x loupe, spectrum stones, and crystalline and organic materials with identifiable features.


Sets are available to ODL students studying within the UK or the USA. All sets are sent using a recorded postal service, so please be aware that you will need to sign for the stones upon receipt.

After we have received your application form and payment, we will send you a set of stones which you will return to us two and a half weeks after receiving them. Within the set is a Set Form, which states your student number with the date by which you must return the set. All stone sets are sent to students on a specific date and should be returned by the designated date. Students may apply for either a six month period or for one year, and fees will apply accordingly.

If you are an on-site student you can apply to the library and collect the sets in class, there is a different fee for students collecting the sets.

Contact the education department at for further information. For students who reside in the USA and wish to borrow stones, please contact Cara Williams at