Gemmology Foundation Lab Class

All Online Distance Learning (ODL) Gemmology Foundation students are required to attend our Gemmology Foundation lab class. This is to ensure they can use their equipment safely and correctly, and are able to handle a range of stones beyond those supplied on the course. Students can attend a lab class in the UK, USA or Japan, or they can arrange to take a class with one of Gem-A's Practical Providers (GAPP).

All on-site and ODL Foundation students are provided with a refractometer and light source, in addition to the standard study stones and portable instrument kit at the start of their course. This allows students to familiarise themselves with the instruments at home prior to the lab class, and complete some of the practical elements. Students should bring all course equipment and their workbook to the lab class.


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This course is only for students who are studying our Gemmology Foundation ODL course

Gemmology Foundation



CodeCourse TitleCourse DaysStart DateFinish datePrice*
F20OJAN-PGemmology Foundation ODL 6-month course (with UK lab class)  NewOnline CourseJan 6, 2020Jun 29, 20203255.00 GBP
F20OJAN-UGemmology Foundation ODL 6-month course (with USA lab class)  NewOnline CourseJan 6, 2020Jun 29, 20203255.00 GBP
F20OJANGemmology Foundation ODL 6-month course (without lab class)  NewOnline CourseJan 6, 2020Jun 29, 20202660.00 GBP
F20OJAN-JGemmology Foundation ODL 6-month course (Japanese language; with lab class)  NewOnline CourseJan 13, 2020Jun 29, 20203965.00 GBP
F20DMFEBGemmology Foundation On-Site Daytime 4-month course (10:00 - 16:30)   NewMondayFeb 3, 2020Jun 29, 20203485.00 GBP
F20EMFEBGemmology Foundation On-Site Evening 4-month course (18:30 - 20:30)  NewMonday, TuesdayFeb 3, 2020Jun 30, 20202975.00 GBP
F20OMAR-PGemmology Foundation ODL 9-month course (with UK lab class)  NewOnline CourseMar 30, 2020Jan 30, 20213255.00 GBP
F20OMAR-UGemmology Foundation ODL 9-month course (with USA lab class)   NewOnline CourseMar 30, 2020Jan 30, 20213255.00 GBP
F20OMARGemmology Foundation ODL 9-month course (without lab class)  NewOnline CourseMar 30, 2020Jan 30, 20212660.00 GBP