GemBasics Online Short Course

  The GemBasics Online Short Course

This beginner’s online course is perfect for anyone looking to take their first steps in gemmology. GemBasics consists of 12 easy-to-follow modules that you can take at your own pace and in your own time. You will receive all the resources you need to learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of gemmology, so there’s no better time to get started.

We accept applicants for GemBasics throughout the year and once completed you will receive the GemBasics Awards and Certificate.

  Quick Facts: GemBasics

  • Who Can Apply? Everyone from complete beginners, amateur gem collectors and jewellery sales professionals, to jewellery designers and business leaders wishing to expand their knowledge.

  • Study Essentials: Students will require a good internet connection and Windows 95 or above.

  • Study Time: Flexible across 12 months

  • Study Method: Online, with lessons taught by renowned gem and jewellery expert, Dr Jack Ogden FGA.

  • Qualification: Gem-A Level 2 GemBasics Award

  • Equipment Provided: Fully illustrated GemBasics course notes; a set of 15 sample gemstones; access to online course materials, including 80 minutes of video; a portable gem kit containing a 10x loupe, Chelsea Colour Filter, dichroscope, flexible flashlight, gem tweezers, gem holder and gem cleaning cloth.

  • Course Fees: £495, plus the cost of posting your GemBasics Student Pack to your preferred address. *

Read more detailed information about this course and our entry requirements by downloading the GemBasics Prospectus

* Postage and packaging costs are as follows: £22 for UK delivery; £57 for Europe and the Republic of Ireland; and £77 for the rest of the world.

  What Will I Learn?

  • GemBasics covers the fundamentals of gemmology, from defining gemstones and understanding their beauty and rarity, to utilising essential gemmological equipment and tools. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to use a 10x loupe, the Chelsea Colour Filter and the dichroscope, which are all included in your GemBasics gem kit.

  • Lessons cover how to decipher hardness and toughness, cleavages and fractures, and dimensions and weight. You’ll also study different cuts of gemstones, including cabochons, beads and other forms.

  • By working your way through each of the 12 lessons, you will explore the geology of gems, the ethics of their mining and how treatments like heat, irradiation, oil and resin can alter a gem’s appearance and its value.

  • The GemBasics Award Certificate will demonstrate your grounding in gemmological facts and a baseline of knowledge that positively contributes to your professional or personal interests.

  How to Apply for GemBasics?

It is easy to apply for the GemBasics Online Short Course and we accept applicants from all over the world all year round. Download and complete the application form here, or contact our Education department directly on or via telephone +(44) 0207 404 3334.

Please note: Non-native English speakers must have an English qualification, e.g. IELTS (Level 7) or TOEFL (score of 95-120), to study with us via Online Distance Learning.

  What Our Students Say

  • I first decided to take part in this course as I had a keen interest in the field and wanted to expand my knowledge further. Studying online really helped me to keep up to date with my full-time job whilst learning a little extra when I had time. The course has helped further my knowledge which has given me a good basis to expand my career in the jewellery field, especially as Gem-A is a recognised institution within the industry

    Kirsty Young (Lincoln, England), GemBasics student

  • I would wholeheartedly recommend GemBasics to anyone within the trade or with a passion for gemstones

    Tim Carroll, GemBasics student

  • GemBasics was a great opportunity to learn more about my passion, without taking time away from work. I have learnt so much for my chosen career and would not hesitate in recommending this course

    Jo Wicker (Tunbridge Wells, England), GemBasics student

  Further Study: The Gem-A Gemmology Foundation Course

Advance to the next stage of your learning with the Gem-A Gemmology Foundation course. This internationally recognised professional qualification is a vital building block that allows students to advance to our highest qualification: The Gem-A Gemmology Diploma.

Find out more about studying gemmology to a professional level with Gem-A here

  Help & Support

For advice and guidance please email or telephone us on +(44) 0207 404 3334 .