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  The Gemmology Foundation Lab Class for ODL Students

All online distance learning (ODL) Gemmology Foundation students are required to attend a Gemmology Foundation Lab Class to complete their course. This in-person element is essential to ensure you can handle gemstones with confidence and use gemmological equipment correctly and safely. The Gemmology Foundation Lab Class takes place over three days.

The Gemmology Foundation Lab Class can be taken at Gem-A HQ in London or via a Gem-A Approved Practical Provider (GAPP) Centre. In some cases, an Accredited Teaching Centre (ATC) near you may offer Practical Lab Classes for ODL students. Enquire directly to find out.

  How Do I Arrange My Lab Class?

When you apply to take the Gem-A Gemmology Foundation course via the ODL route you can choose the dates that suit you to take your Practical Lab Class at Gem-A HQ in London, UK. If you choose this option, the cost of the Gemmology Foundation course and the Practical Lab Class will be bundled together.

If you choose to study the Gemmology Foundation course without booking a Lab Class there and then, you will need to organise and pay for your Lab Class separately at a later date.

The Practical Lab Class is best taken towards the end of your course, when all the information is fresh in your mind.

Speak to our Education department to find out more:

  Upcoming Lab Classes

Take a look below to see when the next Gemmology Foundation Lab Class will take place at Gem-A HQ in London, UK. If you would prefer to study with a Gem-A Approved Practical Provider, please click here.

  What Will I Learn?

  • During the Lab Class you will be given an overview of observation techniques using a 10x loupe and insights into using a microscope for looking at and identifying gem materials. You’ll be guided through the correct use of a refractometer for faceted materials and will learn how to accurately interpret the results.

  • Next, you will get to grips with the handheld spectroscope and other gemmological tools like the polariscope, Chelsea Colour Filter and UV light sources. Once you’ve mastered the theory and practice of hydrostatic specific gravity tools, you will be taught how to estimate the weight of mounted gemstones – a useful tool for anyone working in the jewellery field.

  How Will I Be Assessed?

The Gemmology Foundation Practical Lab Class is not formally assessed. You will be required to complete the Practical Endorsement Form to confirm you have participated in this important part of the course. Without this endorsement you cannot complete and pass the Gemmology Foundation course.

Please Note: The Practical Lab Class is one of two in-person requirements for all ODL students. The second is a final examination that needs to be taken in-person at Gem-A HQ, at a GAPP Centre or via an ATC. For further information, please click here, or email

  What Should I Bring With Me?

All Gemmology Foundation ODL students receive: a Foundation practical workbook, a Foundation gem set containing rough and cut specimens and light source to aid your studies, and a portable gem kit containing 10 essential instruments.

Please bring all these items with you to the Lab Class, in addition to your own learning materials, such as pens and paper.

  Help & Support

For advice and guidance please email or telephone us on +(44) 0207 404 3334 .