Gem-A Launches Summer 2024 Issue of The Journal of Gemmology with a Spotlight on Green Jadeite-Omphacite Jade from Myanmar, Guatemala and Italy

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Press Release: 26 June 2024

Gem-A, London, United Kingdom

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) has launched the latest issue of its academic publication, The Journal of Gemmology (Volume 39, No. 2, 2024).

Released digitally on June 25, this issue contains news and research from the international gemmological community, including an article focusing on the geographic origin determination of high-quality green jadeite-omphacite jade from Myanmar, Guatemala and Italy. The authors use cutting-edge technology involving statistical processing coupled with spectroscopic and chemical analyses to effectively separate samples from these three localities.

Additional feature articles investigate the use of gamma spectroscopy as a possible identification method for the artificial irradiation of morganite and characterise the properties and colouration of new orange hackmanite from Afghanistan. A fourth article focuses on the Sinoniki spessartine deposit in Longido, Tanzania, which is a new source of bright orange material known in the trade as ‘mandarin’ garnet.

Editor-in-chief Brendan Laurs FGA says: “The articles in this issue cover a range of interesting topics, from the geographic origin determination of jadeite-omphacite jade to treatment identification, and the investigation of a new gem material (orange hackmanite) and attractive spessartine from a new locality.”

In addition to the feature articles, each issue of The Journal of Gemmology contains a Gem Notes section, providing brief reports on diverse items of gemmological interest from around the world. In this issue, among the many items covered are rainbow moonstone from Madagascar, cassiterite from Namibia, copal from Indonesia resembling ‘root amber’ and ‘drusy pocket’ silicified wood from Indonesia.

The What’s New column highlights recent publications and online resources of interest to gemmologists, while the Learning Opportunities section contains a detailed listing of upcoming conferences and educational events to further the professional development of its readers. Finally, the New Media section compiles information on new gem- and jewellery-related books.

A leader in its field, The Journal publishes original research articles on all aspects of gemmology, including natural stones and their treatments, synthetics, and simulated gem materials. It is published quarterly in collaboration with the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF.

Gem-A CEO Alan Hart FGA adds: “This is another fantastic issue of The Journal of Gemmology, led by an insightful cover article about jadeite-omphacite jade that I particularly enjoyed reading. The Journal continues to be a vital resource for Gem-A Members who value ongoing learning and professional development. Staying abreast of international research and discoveries ensures Gem-A Members are at the forefront of our ever-evolving trade.”

Issues published in the past two years are accessible to Gem-A Members nationally and internationally. Previous issues are freely available to anyone via The Journal’s online archive. A cumulative index covering all issues from 1947 through 2023, and numerous bibliographies covering specific subjects, can also be freely downloaded from The Journal’s website.

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Main Image: A ring containing top-quality ‘Imperial green’ jade from Myanmar (courtesy of Stanley Chu) is shown together with a 0.54 ct cabochon of fine Guatemalan jade analysed in this study. Photo by S. I Liu.

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