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TOPIC: Jade Market Mandalay

Jade Market Mandalay 1 year 4 days ago #159

Hi just thought I would share some photo's of Jadeite Jade at the Jade market in Mandalay, river worn boulders and jade pieces marked out for jade bracelets

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Jade Market Mandalay 1 year 1 day ago #160

Interesting. For those (like me) with only quite limited experience with jadeite, your first pic, in particular when contrasted with the second, emphasises how tricky buying a jadeite boulder is when now even a 'window' has been cut into it to make visible what lies beneath the crust. Thanks for sharing,Sydney. Do you get to Myanmar often or was this a one-off opportunity?

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Jade Market Mandalay 11 months 4 weeks ago #161

Hi Owen, I have been to Myanmar, to Mandalay and Mogok twice now back in 2013 and 2015 on Gem tours, I was going to purcahse some jadeite boulders in Mandalay but the group had been warned that on previous trips some of the tour group had their jade confiscated at the border before leaving Myanmar. Before we visited Myanmar we went to Kanchanaburi,and there was a gem stall/shop that was selling jadeite boulders so I bought a piece before going into Myanmar and left it back in Bangkok. It turned out to be quite nice white with green jade spread through the piece. This was what I am to understand is "Moss in Snow" Jadeite.

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Jade Market Mandalay 11 months 4 weeks ago #163

This does sound like something that the tour guide should have been able to advise on authoritatively. That jadeite is exported 'in the rind' is simply a matter of fact. Sounds to me most probable that the necessary paperwork had not been drawn up and presented. Purchase invoice? Local taxation?

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Jade Market Mandalay 11 months 3 weeks ago #164

Hi Owen at gem markets in Mogok Mandalay etc there are no invoices or anything written just gems and cold hard cash

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Jade Market Mandalay 11 months 3 weeks ago #165

Therein probably lies the answer. No proof that the relevant taxes have been paid. This, of course, applies all the world over with regard to road-side dealing but with different emphases, doubtless. But neither thee nor me would wish to use these hallowed pages to discuss thoughts on unlawul trafficking, other than to discourage it. Even if it means paying more.

That being said, I envy you your trips to Myanmar. Mogok (of course!) is a place I would truly have loved to spend some time but sadly my days for making such trips are now passed. So, like many, I have to content myself with looking at the gemstones that come from there. Like many who will gather here, I have a few Mogok examples in my personal collection (sadly, no jadeite though).

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Jade Market Mandalay 9 months 1 day ago #166

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Hi Owen,. Glad to see you are well and still enjoying your hobby

There was a fascinating talk with videos at the conference. A lot of which you can see on YouTube.

I have been focusing more on East African goods lately.



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Jade Market Mandalay 9 months 18 hours ago #167

Hi Dubya! Good to hear from you again. Is this the video to which you refer? If otherwise, I'd welcome a URL for the vid you have in mind as this is the only one a can find.. Sadly, for health reasons, my days for attendance in person at such interesting events has gone for good. In any event, I'm pretty sure that others as well as myself would be delighted at an opportunity to watch recordings of any (or even all?) of the presentations made. With a membership of 3000+ and an attendance of just 200+ there is clearly a a service to members required here and with the costs being borne by those ordering up the recording(s) and thus not raising conference costs to those attending in person.

East African goods eh? For some years,by for and away the pride and joy of my little collection was an 11ct untreated emerald cut tanzanite. This last summer I had it mounted on platinum (pendant), giving it as a memento and 'thank-you' present to my daughter-in-law to celebrate the arrival in this world of Theo, my first and probably only grandson. All parties are thrilled with the result. Next month I hope to be getting together with the friend who designed and made the piece, to chat about how best to share some imagery of it to the Gem-A membership.

As the trade winds blow in the New Year, do please think to call and see if we can arrange a gettogether.


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