Flexible Eternity Diamond Band, Spryngs By Brevani Flexible Eternity Diamond Band, Spryngs By Brevani Flexible Eternity Diamond Band, Spryngs By Brevani

The Bewitching Finds of JCK Vegas

Certified gemmologist and founder of Pietra PR, Olga Gonzalez FGA DGA highlights the expansive new season trends that are set to shape and unite the future of the fine jewellery market.

With the official launch of JCK Las Vegas, North America’s leading annual jewellery trade event last month, Vegas became the prevailing hot house destination for discovering the latest looks in luxury jewellery design. As temperatures caught fire to a blazing 40°C (105°F for fellow Americans), Olga was immersed in a world of first-class jewellery inspiration, air-conditioned show room networking, exclusive technology trend forecasting all cooled down by a bonus poolside weekend wrap-up – anyone for a cocktail?

Indulge in the insider’s scoop of the covetable jewellery and gems under Olga’s industry spotlight…

Spryngs by Color Merchants

Buzzing with whispered rumour, the show floor was awash with grapevine rumbles that a company in the Plumb Club have found a way to make strikingly flexible diamond eternity bands, adjusting almost 1 to 2 sizes! Believing it to be too good to be true, Olga struck the insider jackpot at an evening Mix and Mingle soiree hosted by WJA, Gen-Next Jewelers and AGS Titleholders by rubbing noses with one of the makers of the company in chatter.

As it so happens the rumour was spot on! Sure enough, Spryng, a Brevani collection by Color Merchants launching at the show only this year was showcasing a patent pending on the spring mechanism. With Color Merchants directly in the limelight, their booth in JCK’s Plumb Club became a popular beehive as exhibitors, press and buyers alike caught wind of the whispers of the beautifully smart designs on display. Glimpse into the world of Color Merchants on http://www.brevani.com/.

Studio by Virtual Diamond Boutique

Only weeks before the launch of the JCK trade show, Virtual Diamond Boutique announced the green light on a full company rebrand. Amongst the various changes was the introduction of Studio by VDB, a light box for taking HD still photos and videos of diamonds and gemstones whereby media are automatically updated to the VBD app for free. With a booth packed full of interest, it is evident that this new virtual storefront is paving the way in reshaping how the industry sources and sells coloured gemstones and diamonds.

Abstract Jewellery

Making a splash in the design centre with her abstract design aesthetic, Coline Assade was hailed as an emerging talent to keep watch on with her colourful and contemporary forms. Her innovative creativity was showcased through her ‘Forest Spirit Collection’, featuring statement pendant faces in silver and enamel as well as rings with quirky features such as a leaf and human nose popping out unexpectedly.

Custom Hot and Cold Enamel Jewellery

With Enamel making an unmissable resurgence in fine jewellery, first time JCK exhibitor, Riva Precision Manufacturing became queen bee of the showcase with the arrival of their fresh new collection, Capabilities. The vertically integrated manufacturer is building up its reputation by reshaping and elevating their enamel department to new heights. Throughout the exhibit, stackable enamel rings featuring coloured gemstones as well as multicolour pendants were amongst the most popular pieces that set the beady eyes of many jewellery magpies alive. At present, Riva Precision Manufacturing offer bespoke customization of store- branded as well as luxury designer enamel jewellery, using either cold or ceramic designing methods.

Jewellery for the Sharp Dressed Man

Jewellery is notoriously marketed for the every-day woman, making the appearance of men’s jewellery brand Equinox a refreshing eye-opener on the showcase floor. Having recently updated their collection line with more designs, the combination of unique shapes and masculine accents provide a fashion-forward style for men. Having been their most popular piece to date, the saddle rings have now been relaunched in a brushed look where ruby, sapphire and brown diamond additions provide a diverse new collection line.

Additionally shifting audience focus to the males of society was ever-popular Lashbrook Designs. Launching their new release of Cerakote at the JCK show itself, this new coating comes in a plethora of colours which, when applied to silver or gold rings as well as their ever-loved Damascus steel collection provides endless possibilities for innovative style.

Packed full of creations encapsulated with fine craftsmanship, charm and eye-catching design, there is never a dull moment at the annual JCK trade show. Keep your eyes on the prize for trend coverage of the show in the upcoming issue of Gems&Jewellery magazine.

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Cover image flexible eternity diamond band, Spryngs by Brevani. Image courtesy of Spryngs.

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