Magnificent 51ct Dynasty Diamond Unveiled by Russian Mining Giant

Russian diamond mining company, Alrosa, has unveiled the extraordinary centrepiece to its unique Dynasty collection of five diamonds, the Dynasty Diamond.

This 51.38 carat round brilliant-cut diamond has been rated Triple Excellent, D colour and VVS1 (very, very slightly included) - a clarity grading that signifies inclusions visible at 10x magnification through the pavilion of the diamond. 

All five diamonds in the Dynasty Collection, totalling 76.22 carats, were cut from a 179 carat rough diamond known as 'Romanovs'. This particular treasure was unearthed from the Nyurbinskaya kimberlite pipe in the Republic of Sakhaat, north east Russia, back in 2015. According to Alrosa President, Sergey Ivanov, the Dynasty Collection took around 18-months to complete. 

 Showcasing the 51.38 D colour, VVS1 calrity diamond called "The Dynasty". Image: ©OJSC ALROSA

All five of the unique Russian diamond collection. Image: ©OJSC ALROSA

The names given to each individual diamond in the Dynasty collection pay homage to the familial dynasties that shaped the development of Russian jewellery. This is particularly fitting for Alrosa and its mission statement to "revive the traditions and memory of renowned Russian jewellers famous for their craftsmanship and filigree". 

The names Romanovs and Dynasty Diamond were chosen to celebrate the craftsmanship of 18th century Russian artisans under the reign of Tsar Peter the Great of the House of Romanov.

Left: The five diamonds of 'The Dynasty Collection' created from the 179-carat 'Romanovs' rough diamond. Right: Close up of the brilliant round-cut 'Sheremetevs' diamond. Images: ©OJSC ALROSA

Director of Diamonds ALROSA commented, "The creation of The Dynasty was of great importance. This stone gives a start to a new stage in the development of ALROSA’s cutting division that will actively develop polishing of extra-large and coloured diamonds. The Dynasty demonstrated that we can do it at the highest level. We work a lot on the technique, combine modern technologies with the secrets of jewellers of the Russian Imperial Court. And we expect that the revival of their traditions will be a worthy contribution to the promotion of the Russian jewellery stones’ brand in the global market."

The other diamonds in the Dynasty collection:

The Orlovs: A 5.05 carat oval diamond

The Vorontsovs: A 1.73 carat pear-cut diamond

The Sheremetevs: The second largest round brilliant round-cut diamond in the collection at 16.67-carats.

The Yusupovs: A 1.39 carat oval-shaped diamond.

The 16.67 carat round brilliant Sheremetevs diamond, the second largest stone in the collection. Image: ©OJSC ALROSA

The Orlovs: A 5.05 carat oval diamond. Image: ©OJSC ALROSA

The Vorontsovs, a 1.73 carat pear-shaped diamond. Image: ©OJSC ALROSA

The Yusupovs, a 1.39 carat oval-shaped diamond. Image: ©OJSC ALROSA

The entire collection is scheduled to be sold at a special online auction taking place this November 2017.

For further information on the diamonds and their history, videos and photos as well information about the auction is available here:

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Cover image: The five diamonds of the Dynasty Collection created from the 179 carat 'Romanovs' rough diamond. ©OJSC ALROSA

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