Don't Miss the Spring 2019 Issue of Gems&Jewellery!

We are pleased to introduce the Spring 2019 edition of Gems&Jewellery magazine, packed full of interesting and informative features for Gem-A Members and current students. 

Gems&Jewellery reflects the diverse field of gemmology with interviews, reviews and features crafted by experts in their fields, as well as fascinating trailblazers turning the world of gems into a career.

The issue begins with insights from Gem-A CEO Alan Hart FGA DGA, who reflects on another successful visit to the Tucson gem shows. Pictures from the fifth annual Big Gem Bash, hosted at Tucson’s Scottish Rite Cathedral, can also be found on page 7.

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Turn the page 11 to be guided through four unusual sapphires that recently passed the desk of experienced gemmologist and long-term Gems&Jewellery contributor, Grenville Millington FGA, complete with a fantastic series of photos.

This is followed by a useful guide to Asturias jet by first-time contributor, Alvaro Martinez-Calvo, and feedback from this year’s Tucson gem shows courtesy of Olga González FGA on page 18.

Gem A GemsJewellery Magazine Polished 9.3 carat grandidierite Image courtesy of Jeff ScovilFrom rough crystal to a beautiful cut and polished 9.3 carat grandidierite with a bright blue colour. Image courtesy of Jeff Scovil.
Read the full feature on pages 20-21 of Gems&Jewellery.

Anyone with a passion for rare gemstones is advised to jump to page 20, where they will find an article dedicated to grandidierites from Madagascar. A small selection of exceptionally large and beautifully bright grandidierites, supplied by Brice Gobin of Mineral Arts, are now available at the Wilensky Gallery in New York City. Read the feature for yourself to find out more about these fascinating gems.

Next, we jump back in time to discover the connections between King Eric XIV of Sweden, Queen Elizabeth I of England and pearls with Jan Apslund FGA DGA, followed by an interview with Volker Bassen – an entrepreneur, anthropologist and conservationist who splits his time between swimming with sharks and collecting fossilised giant clam shells (and the incredible blister pearls they contain).

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On page 30, Gems&Jewellery contributor Starla Turner shares insights into Edwardian jewellery and what to look for when identifying these beautiful pieces. As usual, her insights into the history of jewellery design, materials, settings and techniques is nothing short of extraordinary.

Gem A GemsJewellery Magazine Starla Turner Edwardian Jewellery An Edwardian Swan Pin Image Courtesy of Lang AntiquesFind out more about this Edwardian swan brooch in Starla Turner's feature on pages 30-31 of Gems&Jewellery. Image courtesy of Cole Bybee and Lang Antiques.

This sense of diving into history is supported by this issue’s student project on the Mazarin Diamonds, supplied by Charlotte Pittel FGA DGA, and highly-regarded jewellery historian and valuer, John Benjamin FGA DGA FIRV, who shares insights into the use of garnets in antique jewellery.

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As this year’s Gems&Jewellery columnist, John will also share his knowledge and expertise in the summer, autumn and winter issues.

GemsJewellery Magazine Gem A demantoid garnet and diamond dragonfly brooch circa 1880JPGA demantoid garnet and diamond dragonfly brooch, circa 1880. See more garnet pieces in John Benjamin’s column on pages40-41. Image courtesy of Woolley & Wallis.

With articles on precious coral (including an incredibly useful taxonomy of precious corals diagram, courtesy of Rui Galopim de Carvalho FGA DGA on page 43), identifying amber beads and the value of gemstone inclusions, this is an issue that offers plenty to sink your teeth into. We hope you enjoy reading! ☐

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