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We are delighted to announce that the Summer 2019 edition of Gems&Jewellery is now available to Gem-A Members and Students in print and online.

Our quarterly magazine includes exciting updates from the world of gemstones and jewellery, interviews and features from industry experts and the latest Gem-A news.

Gem-A CEO Alan Hart kicks off our Summer issue by looking ahead to the annual Gem-A Conference which takes place from 2-3 November at etc.venues County Hall on London’s South Bank and promises to be a fantastic networking and socialising opportunity for gemmological professionals and enthusiasts.

Aerial photograph of the peninsula hosting ruby mineralisation at Aappaluttoq, Greenland. Photo by William Rohtert.

Reflecting on a recent visit to South Africa, Deborah Craig FGA DGA brings us an insight into the difficulties facing the country’s diamond industry on page 10, which is closely followed by a report on the discovery rubies in Greenland by David Turner, William Rohtert, Meghan Ritchie and Brad Wilson, who uncovered the Aappaluttoq ruby deposit in 2005.

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Turn to page 18 to see and read about some of the highlights of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s newly reopened William and Judith Bollinger Gallery which include vanity cases from the collection of the late Freddie Mercury, Beyoncé’s Papillion ring by Glenn Spiro and, undoubtedly the stand-out piece of the display, Queen Victoria’s sapphire and diamond coronet.

A selection of moonstones from India where a broad range of material is available in abundance. Photo by Henry Mesa.

On page 26 we report on a visit to Hatton Garden-based gem dealer Marcus McCallum to discover the history, origins and varieties of moonstone, as well as some helpful tips for buying these mythic and much-loved gems. Later, on page 32, professional valuer Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA FIRV reveals her ‘7 Steps to Success’ for accurate jewellery valuation.

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Anyone with a passion for diamonds will not want to miss our feature beginning on page 39 on the scintillating 302.37 Graff Lesedi La Rona, which was cut from the second-largest diamond ever discovered and is undoubtedly one of the most exciting arrivals to the world of gemmology this year.

A large opal with beautiful flashes of blue and green. Photo by Gem-A.

Our 2019 Gems&Jewellery columnist, jewellery historian and valuer John Benjamin FGA DGA FIRV, continues his Gemstone Conversations series with a fascinating column on amethyst, delving into its cultural significance and popularity in jewellery design throughout history. To round off our Summer issue we hear from Gem-A tutor Barbara Kolator FGA DGA and Gem-A operations manager Charles Evans FGA DGA, who share their experiences of an opal grading workshop at Gem-A HQ led by Andrew Cody FGA (Hons), director of Cody Opal.

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What’s more, this issue contains interesting and insightful pieces ranging from subjects as varied as photomicrography, current developments in Chinese jade carving, and ruby sorting innovations in Mozambique. Whatever your gemmological interest, you’re bound to find something intriguing in this season’s edition of Gems&Jewellery!

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