The Gems&Jewellery Issue for Autumn 2017 has Landed!

The Gems&Jewellery editorial team are excited to launch the brand new issue of Gems&Jewellery for autumn 2017 Vol 26 / No. 3.

Autumn is a season of change, renewal and a fresh start which is why our autumnal issue is packed full of fantastic features and industry contributions from a wide range of respected Gem-A members, kick-starting the beginning of a packed gemmological calendar for Autumn. Highlights of the issue include our diverse range of authors and their must-read contributions: Simon Bruce-Lockhart FGA DGA EG, Rosey Perkins GG, Cara Williams FGA, Rui Galopim de Carvalho FGA DGA, Martin P. Steinbach FGG AG, Maggie Campbell Pedersen FGA ABIPP, Helen Molesworth FGA, Olga González FGA DGA, and Carl Schütze.

Within this issue, readers will join Rosey Perkins GG, on her travels to eastern Madagascar where she captures the lifecycle of the sapphire rush in the Tananarive Carrier mine whilst exploring the gem industry's commitment to responsible sourcing.

We are also excited to have Gem-A President, Maggie Campbell Pedersen FGA, feature an article concerning the modern and historical uses of coral within the industry where she describes how its delicate ecosystem is something that requires careful protection as worldwide coral beds are diminishing rapidly.

A particular highlight of the autumn issue is our feature interview with 'Diamond Portrait Artist', Angie Crabtree who has turned the facets of diamonds and gemstones into a thriving career. In her interview with Gem-A, Angie shares her passion for recreating the sparkling facets of fine jewellery and precious gemstones that has built her an admirable reputation within the industry.

This month's Big Picture courtesy of initiative pioneer Brian Cook, showcases the quartz crystal miners in Chapada Diamantia, Bahia, Brazil using primitive methods to haul rocks; showing a visionary chain of custody from the earth to the consumer.

We have a host of interesting features throughout the magazine from our insightful student project on pink diamonds to unearthing the magic of the northern lights with Jenny Söderström FGA at our ATC in Sweden. We also explore possibly the first double-sided star emerald specimen today, the stunning 24.86ct Marcial de Gomar star emerald by historical archivist at GIA, Carl A. Schütze.

The Northern Lights seen in Lannavaara. Image: ©Jan-Åke Fors.


Readers can also take a look at the full programme of amazing speakers and events scheduled throughout the Gem-A Conference 2017 weekend this November. With exclusive workshops and trips with industry experts from every area of the field, the Gem-A Conference is a must-attend for anyone interested in gemmology. You can secure a place and purchase tickets to the Conference here.

The Gem-A editorial team have delighted in creating this Autumnal issue with you in mind. We hope you enjoy taking time out from your busy everyday lives to step into a world of captivating precious gemstones. Gem-A members look out for your copies of Gems&Jewellery, which are on their way to you now. Alternatively you can log in to access your online copy here. ■ 

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Cover image: Tiffany stone (opalized fluorite). Reflected light from a fibre optic source. Field of view 4.79mm. Image courtesy of Claire Ito.

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