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The Journal of Gemmology’s Data Depository includes freely downloadable reference materials, such as additional data, photos and other media supplied by authors to accompany articles published in The Journal.

The Journal of Gemmology - Volume 35 No. 3 2016

Additional plots to accompany Figure 8 of the article:

Wang H.A.O., Krzemnicki M.S., Chalain J.P., Lefèvre P., Zhou W. and Cartier L.E., 2016. Simultaneous high sensitivity trace-element and isotopic analysis of gemstones using laser ablation inductively coupled plasma time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Journal of Gemmology, 35(3), 212–223,

JoG2016_35_3 Depository Wang


Journal of Gemmology Volume 34 No. 3 2014

(1) Gemmological properties, modal proportions and petrographic names of Myanmar jade samples and (2) electron microbe data, to accompany the article:

Franz L., Tay Thye Sun, Hänni H.A., de Capitani C., Thanasuthipitak T. and Atichat W., 2014. A comparative study of jadeite, omphacite and kosmochlor jades from Myanmar, and suggestions for a practical nomenclature. Journal of Gemmology, 34(3), 210–229,

JoG2014_34_3 Depository-Franz-Gem Data
JoG2014_34_3 Depository-Franz-EMPA

Video showing the internal structures within a reconstructed three-dimensional model of the Sleeping Lion pearl, to accompany the article:

Zwaan J.C., van der Marel D.M.  and Dommisse H.A., 2014. The “Sleeping Lion” Baroque Pearl: An Update. Journal of Gemmology34(3), 248–253,

JoG2014_34_3 Depository-Zwaan.avi

Video of an Ethiopian opal showing full diffraction rainbows that project above the surface of the stone, to accompany the article:

Mazzero F. and Muth A., 2014. Gem Notes: The Mirasety Ring: An Ethiopian ‘Rainbow’ Opal Set with a Hologram. Journal of Gemmology34(3), 205–206.


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