Gem-A Postpones Annual Conference until 2021 as New Projects Take Precedence

Gem-A delays annual Conference to focus on exciting internal projects that will benefit Members and students in 2020 and beyond. 

Press release: 28 February 2020

Leading gemmology education provider and membership body Gem-A (the Gemmological Association of Great Britain) has chosen not to run its annual Gem-A Conference in 2020 in order to focus on internal development projects.

Gem-A CEO Alan Hart announced to Members of the Association on 1 February that he, and the Gem-A Board of Trustees, had made the decision to delay the Conference until November 2021.

Gem-A will focus its resources on essential projects taking place in 2020 to ensure it remains a trusted provider of quality gemmological education for many years to come. New initiatives have been designed to benefit the Association’s community of international Members and are expected to be announced later this year.

In a letter to Members, Alan Hart stated: “We have a series of hugely exciting in-house projects taking place over the next 12-months that require the undivided attention of our hardworking team. By taking this year to focus on new projects, we will be able to make some announcements that are beneficial to the wider Membership later this year.”

The organisation will continue to host its international Gem-A Graduation Ceremony in November 2020, where Gem-A students from across the world receive their Gemmology and Diamond Diplomas.

Gem-A will welcome Members, students, colleagues and friends back to the Gem-A Conference in 2021. The Gem-A Conference hosts delegates from across the world at two days of seminars presented by leading professionals from the gemstone and jewellery industries, in addition to a further two days of practical gemmology workshops and field trips to some of the most significant gemstone and jewellery collections in London. This event is esteemed as a vital networking and learning opportunity for gemmology professionals and enthusiasts from across the world.


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Notes to Editors

Founded in 1908, Gem-A has been providing world-renowned gemmological education for more than a century. To date, Gem-A has 43 Accredited Teaching Centres in 19 different countries, where its highly-esteemed, academic courses are delivered. Gem-A also has a membership of several thousand gem professionals and enthusiasts across the globe, many of whom have passed Gem-A’s prestigious Gemmology Diploma and Diamond Diploma and can use the membership post nominals FGA (Fellow of the Gemmological Association) or DGA (Diamond Member of the Gemmological Association). These are internationally recognised symbols of expert knowledge in gemmology and diamonds, respectively.

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