David Craft – Institute of Gemmology and Creation

About the Teaching Centre

DAVID CRAFT is a teaching institute founded by David Arredondo in 1995 in Geneva. The centre is specialised in gemmology, jewellery creation, gem cutting, expertise, consulting and selling. David comes from a family of jewellers who through his trainings and years of experience had the idea of establishing a place of education and creation. He first developed the school on his own, then gradually was joined by his two sons Samuel and Gabriel, which today each bring their own know-how in creation as well as in gemmology teaching. At DAVID CRAFT students have the possibility to study different branches related to gemstones, but also to follow the whole creation procedure: how gems are cut, valued, certified, and transformed into customised jewellery.

About the Classroom

The facility offers a well-equipped room with a library and gemmological instruments, providing a professional space for studies and analysis. Additionally, there is a dedicated reading corner accessible upon request, which houses an extensive collection of books on gemstones, diamonds, gold, and jewelry. The center also provides a versatile workshop and study room with gemmological instruments for analysis and gem cutting machines. Another room is specifically designed for conducting analysis and studies with gemmological instruments. Furthermore, a creative space is available for jewelry design, complete with computers and 3D printers to support customized creations.


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David Craft – Institute of Gemmology and Creation