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Published in 1947, The Journal is delivered quarterly with articles authored by leading gemmologists and researchers. Thousands of gem and jewellery professionals, gemmology students and retailers rely on Gems&Jewellery for insightful industry advice and more.


The Journal of Gemmology

The Journal of Gemmology is published quarterly and contains original research articles on all aspects of gemmology. With sections such as Gem Notes, What’s New, Conferences, Learning Opportunities, New Media and Literature of Interest, TJOG helps to inform readers about new instruments, publications, articles and educational events.

Since 1991

Gems&Jewellery Magazine

Launched in 1991, Gems&Jewellery is aimed exclusively at Gem-A members, offering an accessible way in to learning more about the often complex field of gemmology. With a range of articles on gems, minerals and jewellery, alongside news, features and opinion pieces, Gems&Jewellery is perfect for industry professionals, gemmology students and retailers.


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Meet the Editors

The Journal of Gemmology and Gems&Jewellery are staffed by passionate, lifelong gemmologists, geologists, gem enthusiasts and professionals from all backgrounds, reinforced by an extensive list of collaborators sharing scientific research, opinion, and industry news.

Brendan Laurs

Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Gemmology

Brendan M. Laurs (MS, FGA, GG) is editor-in-chief of The Journal of Gemmology. He is a gemmologist and geologist specialising in the formation of coloured gemstone deposits, obtaining a BS degree in geology at UC Santa Barbara and an MS degree in geology from Oregon State University.

Jennifer Lynn Archuleta

Editor-in-Chief, Gems&Jewellery

Jennifer-Lynn Archuleta (MA, AJP) is editor-in-chief of Gems&Jewellery, and was previously the editor of Gems & Gemology. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Massachusetts–Amherst and an MA in the same subject from the University of New Orleans.