Gem-A Workshops

Throughout the year, Gem-A offers a range of educational workshops catering to retailers, dealers, buyers, valuers, auctioneers, and gemstone enthusiasts.


Hands on, bite-sized study

Whether you’re a retailer, dealer, buyer, valuer, auctioneer or gemstone enthusiast, Gem-A’s workshops have been designed to give you exceptional gemstone and diamond education at a time convenient for you.

From hands-on workshops at Gem-A HQ in London to bite-sized online lectures covering theoretical concepts, we’ve made easy for you to elevate your knowledge. 


Workshops - - advanced event
Three-day gemmology workshop to take you beyond your Diploma
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A one-day diamond workshop that will provide you with essential skills to kick-start your career in the diamond industry.
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One day introductory workshop to the subject and study of gemmology.