Further Study

If you’re a graduate of Gem-A, you may wish to take your studies to the next level. Learn more about those pathways here.


Take your studies to the next level

Whether you choose to take your studies to degree level with a BSc or progress onto the world-renowned FEEG Diploma, there are many options for your further study pathways. 





Level 2 Qualification awarded.

Gemmology Foundation

Foundation Certificate and Cert GA Status Awarded.

Gemmology Diploma

Gemmology Diploma Awarded

Eligibility for FGA membership status

FEEG Diploma*

Gemmology Diploma Awarded


Diamond Grading & Identification 

Diamond Practical Certificate Awarded

Diamond Diploma

Diamond Diploma awarded

Eligibility for DGA membership status

BSc in Gemmology & Jewellery Studies

Bachelor of Science degree awarded

*Optional Courses: These courses are not required to become a DGA / FGA member or for applying to th BSC in Gemmology & Jewellery Studies

BSc in Jewellery & Gemmology Studies

This honours degree-level academic qualification (Level 6) can be secured by Gem-A Members and Graduates of both the Gemmology Diploma and Diamond Diploma as part of a collaboration with Birmingham City University.

The ‘top-up’ style of this degree allows Gem-A FGA and DGA Members to use what they have learned during their studies and undertake an additional 12-months of study, resulting in a BSc Hons Degree in Jewellery & Gemmology Studies.

Based on-site at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, students will delve deeper into the theory of crystallography, symmetry, and the tensor properties of crystals, in addition to chemical analysis techniques, advanced spectroscopy techniques, and methods to analyze and interpret fluorescence spectra.

Over the course of 12 months, students will undertake modules on advanced gemmology, advanced diamonds, the geology of gemstones, and valuation and appraisal theory, culminating in an academically rigorous research project and final examinations.

Further Study - further study - 207A5225
Further Study - further study - W71

FEEG Diploma

The Federation for European Education in Gemmology (FEEG) was set-up in 1995 by several gemmology institutions to create a pan-European gemmology qualification that would be recognised by all bodies and institutions across Europe. 

The FEEG Diploma challenges trained gemologists’ theoretical and practical knowledge of over 100 stones, from everyday gems to lesser-known minerals. Those that pass both the theoretical and practical exams will become part of a European community of professional gemologists, recognised by the post-nominal letters, EG (European Gemmologist).

As a founding member of the FEEG Diploma, Graduates of Gem-A’s Gemmology Diploma are eligible to apply for the exam.


Preparing for your FEEG exam

Gem-A offers a three-day workshop to help Gemmology Diploma Graduates prepare for FEEG examinations. This workshop is held at Gem-A HQ in London and covers the FEEG syllabus, exam requirements, and practice handling gemstones that may appear in the exam.

This workshop costs £500 for Gem-A Members and £650 for non-members. A one-day refresher course is also available at a reduced fee. Please enquire with education@gem-a.com to find out the dates of the next FEEG workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both the theory and practical exams are on the same day, a 2-hour multiple choice theory paper plus a 4.5-hour practical exam for full testing and identification of 12 stones. Both exams need to be passed to achieve the FEEG Diploma.

FGA stands for “Fellow of the Gemmological Association.” It is a designation awarded by Gem-A to individuals who have achieved the Gemmology Diploma from Gem-A. Attaining the status of FGA is a significant accomplishment and indicates a deep understanding of gemstones and their identification, grading, and evaluation.

DGA from Gem-A stands for “Diamond Member of the Gemmological Association.” It is a designation awarded by the Gem-A to individuals who have achieved the Diamond Diploma from Gem-A.

For information about how to enroll on these courses please see here.

The possession of FGA membership has been recognized in the trade for many decades. The Gemmology Diploma was requested by the trade in 1908 to meet its ever more complex needs at a time when synthetic gems were becoming a greater commercial problem. Now this prestigious qualification, as well as DGA membership, is recognized worldwide as the world gem education benchmark: the necessary practical standard entry into high-level career paths and a higher education.

There are no internationally recognised gemmological laboratory qualifications. Most professional gem laboratories around the world employ Gem-A graduates, but our qualifications are only part of the requirements. Professional testing and grading require considerable experience plus an understanding of some advanced laboratory techniques that are not dealt with in our diploma courses.