Diamond Diploma

Learn more about what you will study on Gem-A’s globally-recognised Diamond Diploma course.

A comprehensive understanding of Diamonds

At Gem-A, we have supported thousands of students who want to advance their gemmological knowledge and secure a world-recognised and industry-respected qualification.

A comprehensive understanding of diamonds and diamond grading is essential for the buying, selling and trading of diamonds. One of the most valuable diamond qualifications worldwide, our Diploma will give you a comprehensive understanding of diamonds and how the diamond market operates.

You will study the properties of diamonds, the factors affecting a diamond’s appearance and properties, learn about diamond grading, the 4Cs (carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut) and the other factors that influence value, as well as how to identify and recognise imitations, synthetics and treatments.

Our graduates go on to successful careers in a number of areas in the trade, such as buying, selling, auctioning or valuing diamonds and diamond-set jewellery. Diamond Diploma graduates must apply for Gem-A Membership in order to continue to use the post-nominal DGA after their name — a sign of excellence in the trade.

Course Details


4 or 9 Months


From £3,635


Gem-A Level 5 Diploma in Gem Diamond

Study method

Gem-A London, Online or at an Accredited Teaching Centre

Who can apply?

Everyone from complete beginners and jewellery sales professionals, to auctioneers, business leaders and scientists wishing to expand their knowledge

Eligibility criteria

Non-native English speakers must have an English qualification, e.g. Academic IELTS (Level 7) or TOEFL (score of 95-120). Speak to your preferred Accredited Teaching Centre to find out more about entry requirements in your country

Equipment provided

Diamond Diploma course notes; set of diamond simulants; diamond grading manual and workbook; diamond crystal model; portable diamond instrument kit, including a 10x loupe, thermal tester, stone tweezers, stone cleaning cloth and a long-wave ultraviolet key ring

If you have any questions regarding the courses, please contact education@gem-a.com

Read more detailed information about this course by downloading the syllabus above, or visit the Student Resources area where you can find our prospectus and other useful information.


What will I learn?

On this course, you will learn about diamonds’ ethical, social, and environmental impact, how to assess and value diamonds accurately, and the science of diamond structure, properties, and identification, including distinguishing between natural and synthetic diamonds.

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Ethical, social & environmental implications

Explore the ethical, social, economic, and environmental consequences of diamond mining and trade, addressing issues like conflict diamonds, sustainability, and their impact on society.

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How to grade and value diamonds

Learn the precise assessment of a diamond’s quality, including factors such as colour, clarity, and other attributes affecting its value. This part also covers various grading systems and valuation methods that will help you in the field.

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Diamond structure, properties & identification

Study the diamond’s internal structure, physical and optical properties, and the mechanisms that produce different diamond types. Additionally, recognising and distinguishing between natural, treated, and synthetic diamonds and compare them to simulants.

I enjoyed every bit of it. I studied it for mainly pleasure and also in the hope I could in some way be involved in the industry… It was certainly challenging but I loved it

Dayanthi Ratnayake
Gemmology Foundation Alumni

How to Study with Gem-A

We have three different study options for you to choose from, in-person at Gem-A London, through one of our Accredited Teaching Centres, or by online distance learning (ODL). Find out more below.

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Study at Gem-A HQ

Learners based in the UK can choose to study in person at the Gem-A HQ in London, UK, situated a stone’s throw away from the world-renowned diamond district.

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Study at an ATC

Learners can study in person at one of our 40 Accredited Teaching Centres (ATC) found throughout the world, or at the Gem-A HQ in London, UK.

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Study Online

Gem-A Online Distance Learning (ODL) allows you to study Gem-A’s Gemmology and Diamond qualifications from home and in your own time, no matter where you are in the world.

Upcoming Diamond Diploma courses

Use the table below to find an upcoming Diamond Diploma course on-site at Gem-A London or online delivered by Gem-A.

Code Name Start Date DurationPrice (£) Enquire

Ready to apply?

If you wish to apply by post/email please download our PDF application form and send to our London HQ or email to education@gem-a.com. Make sure to review the Terms and Conditions, as you will need to agree to them when completing the application form.


How will I be Assessed?

In order to help steer your learnings into an advanced understanding of gemmology, you will be assessed in the following ways.


Four online assessments


Written examination (Diamond Theory Paper 1) and Practical examination (Diamond Practical Paper 2)

Lab Class

Only applicable to online students, culminating in Diamond Practical Paper 2. Accredited Teaching Centre students will complete this practical training and examination as part of their on-site studies.


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What's next?

Once you’ve completed the Diamond Diploma you can progress through the following routes

Diamond Diploma

Diamond Diploma Awarded

Eligibility for DGA membership status

Diamond Grading*

Gain your Diamond Practical Certificate

BSc in Gemmology & Jewellery Studies

Gain your BSc degree awarded by Birmingham City University

*Optional: These courses or classes are not required to become a FGA and/or DGA member, or for applying for the BSC in Gemmology & Jewellery Studies delivered by Birmingham City University.