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Gemmology courses

Gem-A is the leading source to enhance your gem knowledge and expertise. They offer courses, certifications, networking opportunities, and an extensive online store with practical resources and tools. With a focus on ethics, Gem-A is perfect for any gem enthusiast, whether amateur or professional.


GemIntro provides a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating world of gemmology. It is perfect for those starting a career in the industry or for gem enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge.

Gemmology Foundation

Our Gemmology Foundation course provides the most essential information about gemstones, the science of gemmology and the skills you need to handle and identify specimens.

Gemmology Diploma

Through the Gemmology Diploma, you will gain a deeper understanding of gems, building on the practical and theoretical knowledge learned in your Foundation studies.

How to Study with Gem-A

We have three different study options for you to choose from, in-person at our London HQ or through one of our Accredited Teaching Centres around the world, or by online distance learning (ODL). Find out more below.

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Study at Gem-A London

Learners based in the UK can choose to study in person at the Gem-A London, situated a stone’s throw away from the world-renowned diamond district.

Gem-A Accredited Teacher Centre Japan

Study at an ATC

Learners around the world can study in person at one of our 40 Accredited Teaching Centres (ATC) found throughout Asia, Europe, America and The Middle East.

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Study Online

Gem-A Online Distance Learning (ODL) enables you to study Gem-A’s Gemmology and Diamond qualifications from home and in your own time, no matter where you are in the world.