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Learn more about Gem-A’s history, culture and staff, as well as our mission to create a diverse, global community of gem enthusiasts and professionals.

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SINCE 1908

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain

Gem-A is the world’s longest established provider of gemmology courses. Our Gemmology Diploma evolved from the first gem course proposed for the UK Jewellery trade in 1908 and our prestigious Gemmology and Diamond Diplomas recognised throughout the world.


Our Gemmology Diploma is the direct descendant of the first gem course proposed for the UK jewellery trade back in 1908. Today Gem-A is an international community of gem professionals and enthusiasts, known the world over for its professionalism and expertise.

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Our knowledgeable team of professionals are deeply passionate about gemmology. From experienced gemmologists to skilled educators and administrative staff, they collectively contribute to a vibrant and enriching learning environment and membership association.


Gem-A prides itself on providing a supportive environment where individuals can grow their passion for gemmology alongside their professional skills. Thinking of joining our team of dedicated gemmology experts? View the careers page to learn more.

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As an association, we’re driven by our mission and guided by the vision of our volunteer board of directors, who work closely with our leadership team in accordance with Gem-A’s by-laws to ensure we realise success for the next 100 years.


Education, Diversity & Community

Gem-A’s mission is to advance the understanding of gemmology through exceptional education, cutting-edge publications, a global membership community, and engaging events. We are focused on teaching the knowledge, skills, qualifications, and best practices that enable students from all walks of life to launch and advance their careers in this field.

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Our flexible courses are underpinned by the best teaching, research, and support for learning, equipping our diverse and ambitious students for success. We embrace the ongoing challenges to educate our students on how to operate in a socially responsible way. We both teach and report the latest research and advocacy to ensure a continued contribution to a dynamic and fast-paced industry.


Through our education, students develop the knowledge, skills, and best practices that provide them with the best possible platform to launch or build their careers and expand their understanding of gemstones and their place in the world. Our students and alumni comprise people from all backgrounds, at all stages of life, and from all over the globe.

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Gem-A comprises an international community of gem professionals and enthusiasts. Our global membership offering serves the interests of the gem and jewellery industries through the high standards of our gemmology education, publications, events, and networking opportunities. We are proud of our students, alumni, industry partners, and professionals who make up our valued global community and resource network, promoting and supporting public confidence and interest in the industry.