Gem-A has an established network of regional branches within the UK, where members of the Association regularly meet and discuss gemmology-related topics It is also the perfect opportunity to meet up with local people that have similar interests in their own areas.

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Midlands Branch

Started in 1952 by a number of pioneering gemmologists from the Birmingham area, the Midlands Branch has always been one of Gem-A’s most active and pioneering branches. Celebrating it’s 60th anniversary in 2012, the Midlands Branch is currently steered by Branch Chair, Louise Ludlum-Snook, and is still extremely active throughout the year, with a number of events and social gatherings taking place in Birmingham each month.

North East Branch

Opened at the same time as Gem-A’s other official branches, the North East Branch has continued to meet in a subtle and more muted way than other Branches over the years. Still active and very much looking for new members, the North East Branch represents a great way for our members or associates of the Association to join us on a regular occassion to keep up their local networks and advance their gemmological knowledge.

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North West Branch

Recently reinstated, the North West Branch has become a hub for gemmologists and jewellery professionals based throughout Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside. With events, talks and social gatherings planned throughout the year, Gem-A’s North West Branch is based at Wilson 55 Auctioneers in Nantwich. The North West branch aims to form a network for Members as well as providing Members with opportunities to advance their gemmological knowledge. To find out more about the North West Branch and all scheduled events, please contact Liz Bailey using the details below.

South East Branch

Gem-A’s South East Branch is currently inactive. Any Gem-A members based in the South East catchment area who would like to rekindle this branch and who have the time to commit to our format for the administration of a regional branch, please contact Gem-A on

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South West Branch

Gem-A’s South West Branch is currently in the process of restarting. The South West branch aims to form a network for Members as well as providing Members with opportunities to advance their gemmological knowledge. To find out more about the South West Branch and all upcoming events, please contact Rachael Boothroyd using the details below.

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Become a member

Joining our global network gives you access to a range of benefits that enhance your personal and professional development, whether you’re a student, graduate, retailer, auctioneer, valuer or enthusiast.

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Associate Membership


If you want to learn more about gemmology or diamonds and join our global network of enthusiasts and professionals, our associate membership is the best choice for you.

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Corporate Membership


If you or your business sells, auctions, manufactures or appraises gems or gem-set jewellery, our corporate membership helps inspire consumer confidence in your staff and business.

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FGA DGA Membership


If you’ve graduated from our Gemmology Diploma or Diamond Diploma, it’s now time to enjoy the benefits of Gem-A Membership and be recognised for your expertise with exclusive post-nominals.