IGL Istituto Gemmologico Ligure

About the Teaching Centre

I.G.L (Institue Gemmologico Ligure) is located in the center of the historic city of Genoa, Italy, the main port of the Mediterranean and famous maritime republic in the past centuries XIV and XV. It is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus who discovered America and it possesses outstanding monuments such as Via Garibaldi, known as the Via dei Re, the Ducal Palace, the Lanterna, the symbol of Genoa and the new structure on the sea called “Porto Antico” built by the citizen architect, Renzo Piano. The I.G.L school has its headquarters in a skyscraper called Corte Lambruschini Tower B on the 8th floor which allows you to enjoy a unique view of the city and the sea. It has a conference room, detached from the main headquarters, for specialized courses dedicated to the use of new-generation gemological instrumentation and for hosting students in geological sciences to complete experimental theses on gemmology topics.

About the Classroom

The classrooms are equipped with all of the gemmological instrumentation required for the Gem-A Foundation and Diploma courses along with additional equipment including: hydrostatic scales, Brewster angle refractometers, vertical and horizontal trinocular microscopes with video camera, electronic proportionometer OGI, DiamondSure DTC, quartz spectroscopes and VIR 400—1200nm spectrophotometers. There is also a collection of over 2800 stones.


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IGL Istituto Gemmologico Ligure