Gemmology and Diamond Short Courses

Gem-A Short Courses are especially created to impart gemstone and diamond knowledge in a short space of time.

Diamond Grading & Identification Lab Classes

Diamond Grading & Identification Lab Classes

This in-person lab class takes place across five days at Gem-A Headquarters in London, UK, culminating in a final exam. Those who successfully complete this practical course will receive a Gem-A Diamond Practical Certificate. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to take an interest in diamonds to the next level.

Highlights: Valuable in-person training with hands-on experience and access to vital equipment at our London HQ.

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For bite-sized learning, discover the Gem-A selection of one-day Workshops and Online Webinars here. You can also browse the Gem-A Gem Hub, which is full of articles dedicated to key gemmology topics that are always free to access.

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