The Diamond Grading & Identification Lab Class

This five-day course has been especially designed by Gem-A to serve both Diamond Diploma online distance learning (ODL) students and other professionals looking to expand their diamond skills and experience in a short period of time.

The Diamond Diploma Lab Class can be taken at Gem-A HQ in London.

  How Do I Arrange My Lab Class?

The Diamond Grading & Identification Lab Class can be taken as a standalone short course to introduce diamond beginners, retail jewellery professionals, designer-makers and passionate diamond lovers to the art and science of diamond grading.

  Short Course Applicants

No prior diamond experience is required to take this course. Instead, we look for individuals who are passionate about diamonds and want to improve their practical skills.
To apply, simply select your chosen dates via the Upcoming Lab Classes tab and enquire with our team via

  ODL Diamond Diploma Students

All students studying the Gem-A Diamond Diploma via the ODL route are required to attend a Diamond Diploma Lab Class to complete their course. The Diamond Grading & Identification Lab Class takes place over five days and on the sixth day you will be required to take a practical assessment.

You can choose the dates that suit you to take your Practical Lab Class at Gem-A HQ in London.

Speak to our Education department to find out more:

  Upcoming Lab Classes

Take a look below to see when the next Diamond Diploma Lab Class will take place at Gem-A HQ, in London.

5-Day Diamond Grading


CodeCourse TitleCourse DaysStart DateFinish datePrice*
G24PFEBDiamond Grading and Identification course (London, 09.30-16.30)Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, | Exam Date - 24 Feb 2024Feb 19, 2024Feb 23, 20241350.00 GBP Full
G24PAPRDiamond Grading and Identification course (London, 09.30-16.30)  NewMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, | Exam Date - 20 April 2024Apr 15, 2024Apr 19, 20241350.00 GBP

  What Will I Learn?

  • Whether you have chosen the Diamond Grading & Identification Lab Class as a Short Course or as a Diamond Diploma ODL student, you will learn in the same way. Throughout the five days of the Lab Class you will handle rough, cut and polished diamonds, both loose and set in jewellery. You will learn how to colour and clarity grade diamonds to internationally recognised standards and will be taught how to estimate the weight of a mounted diamond and the limitations this may cause when grading.

  • During the Lab Class you will observe natural synthetic diamonds and simulant diamonds, including common materials like moissanite, glass and cubic zirconia. You will be guided through clarity enhancement treatments, like laser drilling and fracture filling, and will discover how to identify them.

  • On the final days of the course, you will tackle grading diamonds for cut, polish, symmetry and proportions in relation to international tolerances, utilising the best lighting conditions and observation techniques at all times.

  How Will I Be Assessed?

The Diamond Diploma Practical Lab Class concludes with an examination paper. Those studying via the Short Course option will receive a Gem-A Diamond Practical Certificate upon successful completion of the exam.

As a Diamond Diploma student, this paper contributes towards your final grade. You will also be required to complete the Practical Endorsement Form to confirm you have participated in this important part of your course. Without this endorsement and the successful completion of the written examination you cannot pass the Diamond Diploma course.

Please Note: The Practical Lab Class is one of two in-person requirements for all ODL students. The second is a final examination that needs to be taken in-person at Gem-A HQ, at a GAPP Centre or via an ATC. For further information, please click here, or email

  What Should I Bring With Me?

Short Course students will receive all the technical equipment and resources they need upon arrival. Please bring a notebook to record essential information as you go along. All Gemmology Diploma ODL students receive: comprehensive Diploma course notes, a practical handbook and workbook, fluorite and rutile crystal models, a Diploma stone set containing 20 rough and cut specimens, and a travel microscope.

Please bring all these items with you to the Lab Class, in addition to your own learning materials, such as pens and paper.

  Help & Support

For advice and guidance please email or telephone us on +(44) 0207 404 3334 .