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    DAVID CRAFT is a teaching institute founded in Geneva in 1995 by David Arredondo FGG-IGI-HRD.

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    The school is located a few steps from the Parc Château-Banquet, which gives the opportunity to take breaks in a beautiful green space.


DAVID CRAFT - Institute of Gemmology and Creation

DAVID CRAFT is a teaching institute founded in Geneva in 1995 by David Arredondo, specialised in gemmology, jewellery creation, gem cutting, expertise, consulting and selling.

David comes from a family of jewellers who, through his trainings and years of experience had the idea of establishing a place of education and creation. He first developed the school on his own, then gradually was joined by his three sons, who today, each bring their own know-how in creation as well as in teaching.

At DAVID CRAFT, students have the possibility to study different branches related to gemstones, but also to follow the whole creation procedure, how gems are cut, valued, certified, and transformed into customised jewellery.

For more information, please contact us at info@davidcraft.ch or for more details at www.davidcraft.ch.

Address : Parc du Château-Banquet 2, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland



  Course Dates

  • Course Title
  • Gemmology Foundation Course (Daytime, French/ English 4-month, Geneva)
  • Gemmology Foundation Course (Daytime, French/ English 4-month, Geneva)
  • Course Dates
  • 29 Aug 2022 - Jan 2023
  • 20 Feb 2023 - Jun 2023
  • Price(£)
  • TBC
  • TBC
  • Course Title
  • Gemmology Diploma Course (Daytime, French/ English 4-month, Geneva)
  • Course Dates
  • 21 Feb 2023 - Jun 2023
  • Price(£)
  • TBC


Our tutors are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, with real trade experience, and will ensure that you are provided with a first-class gem education. All our permanent staff have post graduate teaching qualifications and are fellows of the Higher Education Authority. Students who study on-site can see and test a wide variety of gem materials under the guidance of our experienced tutors.

  • Gabriel Arredondo FGA
  • Gabriel Arredondo FGA

    Initially graduated from the Hotel Management School of Geneva, Gabriel Arredondo started first his career in the hotel business. More passionate about gemstones, he joined the family institution David Craft to build up his knowledge in gemmology and gem cutting. Gabriel studied at the same time Gem-A’s ODL classes and obtained in 2016 his Diploma in Gemmology. Thus, he could progressively begin to teach at David Craft in gemmology, gem cutting and Gem-A’s practical and theory classes.

    Gabriel gained his experience at David Craft, but had also the opportunity to do some important expertise for the state of Geneva, taught gemmology at the ECAL (Art School of Lausanne) or travelled with clients to South America to purchase gemstones. He also cuts time to time gemstones for private clients for jewellery creations.

    Languages: French, English, German, Swiss-German and Spanish.

    Certified trainer FSEA1, Swiss federation for continuing education; Member of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A); Graduate, Gemmologist FGA, Gem-A London; Chartered trainer, Gem-A theory and practical courses; Gem Cutter/ Trainer David Craft Geneva; Graduate, Hotel Management School of Geneva


  • Gabriel Arredondo FGA


  • Main gemmology room

    Room equipped with a library and gemmological instruments. This space allows you to do your studies and analysis with complete and professional equipment.

  • David Craft Library

    The reading corner is accessible on request and is dedicated for people wishing to do advanced searches.

    Ranging from books collected over the past 30 years to recent books, you will find everything about gemstones, diamonds, gold, and jewellery.


  • Gem cutting and gemmology room

    Versatile workshop and study room, equipped with gemmological instruments for analysis, and machines for gem cutting.

  • Gemmology room

    Room equipped with gemmological instruments, designed to carry out analysis and studies.


  • Jewellery design room

    A creative space dedicated to jewellery design, equipped with computers and 3D printers for your customised creations.


If you can't find what you are looking for email David Craft at info@davidcraft.ch .