Gem Testing Laboratory (GTL)

About the Teaching Centre

TL Athens ATC was founded in 1992 and since 2001 moved in a 105 m2 on the 5th floor of its present address, property of GTL Athens. It is located at the centre of the City of Athens in the Jewellery Manufacturer’s District in Syntagma Square. It is within five minutes from three major Metro stations, and is easily accessible from most locations of the city. It comprises a secretariat, director’s office, classroom/lab and student’s waiting room. Since 1992 it is estimated that more than 600 students have attended courses offered by GTL Athens. From those, more than 300 have been awarded the Foundation/Diploma in Gemmology, the Gem Diamond Diploma and the Gem Diamond Practical Certificate.

About the Classroom

Students have access to all gemmological instruments required for the Gemmology/Gem Diamond courses, as well as to the use of the OGGI cut/rough Diamond Proportion analyser and UV-Vis spectrometer. Library facilities are also available after class hours. All gem species/varieties in various shapes and cuts are available in both rough and cut state for student inspection. As diamond stock is recycled 3 to 4 times per year, Gem Diamond students have the privilege to grade a very large quantity of diamonds during the diamond course, ranging in sizes from 0.30 ct to 6.00 ct.


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Gem Testing Laboratory (GTL)