Apply to study a gemmology or diamond course with Gem-A

Exam Entry

Examination dates are listed below, please ensure you are prepared and available for your exam dates, please note practical examination dates vary from centre to centre.  From September 2017 all students will be automatically entered for the examinations at the end of their course.  Students will still be required to complete an Exam Information Form to complete the process, this needs to be returned to Gem-A by the 31 October for January exams and the 31 March for June exams.

Resit students need to complete the Resit examination entry form and return it to Gem-A with payment, the deadline for Resit students to apply is the 13th November for the January session and the 13th April for the June session.

Gem-A Theory Examination dates:

  January 2022 June 2022
Diamond Diploma 14 January 17 June
Gemmology Foundation 18 January 20 June
Gemmology Diploma 19 January 21 June

Practical examination dates vary from centre to centre. You will be notified of the date by Gem-A.