How to Become a Diamond Specialist with Gem-A

The international diamond industry is vast and multi-faceted, with many thousands of stakeholders performing vital roles throughout the diamond pipeline. The Gem-A Diamond Diploma is a trusted and highly respected industry qualification that is recognised globally as a signifier of rigorous and scientific diamond knowledge.

Our course will instil in you a comprehensive understanding of diamonds and how the diamond market operates, allowing you to explore new career opportunities or enhance an existing career in the fields of diamond grading, diamond research and technology, diamond retail and diamond jewellery making, among others.

  Quick Facts: The Gem-A Diamond Diploma

  • Who Can Apply? Everyone from complete beginners and jewellery sales professionals, to auctioneers, business leaders and scientists wishing to expand their knowledge.

  • Study Time: 4 or 9 months, depending on study method.

  • Study Method: Online or Accredited Teaching Centre

  • Qualification: Gem-A Level 5 Diploma in Gem Diamond (Ofqual level 5)

  • Equipment Provided: Diamond Diploma course notes; set of diamond simulants; diamond grading manual and workbook; diamond crystal models; portable diamond instrument kit, including a 10x loupe, thermal tester, stone tweezers, stone cleaning cloth and a long-wave ultraviolet key ring

  • Course Fees: Starting from ¬£3300, varies depending on method of study

Read more detailed information about this course and our entry requirements by downloading the Diamond Diploma Guide

  What Will I Learn?

  • Upon completion of the Gem-A Diamond Diploma, Graduates will be able to recognise and describe the structure of a diamond and how this relates to its physical and optical properties.

  • You will be able to distinguish between natural, treated and synthetic diamonds and compare and identify a diamond and its simulants. Graduates will be able to confidently record, sketch and communicate reliable and valid observations of rough diamond crystals and articulate the Four Cs of diamonds and how they influence desirability and value.

  • With global issues in mind, Diamond Diploma Graduates will benefit from a secure grasp of diamond mining, diamond localities and the stages of the diamond pipeline, from mine to market. This will be accompanied by training on diamond grading, diamond testing and diamond cutting, as well as issues of diamond ethics and traceability.

  How Will I Be Assessed?

Assessed coursework:

4 online assessments


Written examination (Diamond Theory Paper 1) and Practical examination (Diamond Practical Paper 2)

Practical Lab Class:

Only applicable to online students, culminating in Diamond Practical Paper 2. Accredited Teaching Centre students will complete this practical training and examination as part of their on-site studies.

For general enquiries, contact the Gem-A Education department on

  How to Study with Gem-A?

With Gem-A, you can choose to study online or in-person at one of our international Accredited Teaching Centres. Choose the route that suits you to discover course dates and further information about how to apply.

Those wishing to study at the Gem-A Teaching Centre in London, UK, or via Online Distance Learning can download and complete the application form here. For all other Teaching Centres, please contact your chosen centre directly.

Please note: Non-native English speakers must have an English qualification, e.g. IELTS (Level 7) or TOEFL (score of 95-120), to study with us via our Teaching Centre in London, UK and via Online Distance Learning. Speak to your preferred Accredited Teaching Centre to find out more about entry requirements in your country.

  What Our Students Say

  • Having studied the Diamond Diploma, I am far more confident when buying diamonds to use in my designs. Being introduced to rough diamonds has definitely influenced my work. The course notes and instruments are excellent and the depth of knowledge of the tutors combined with their enthusiasm for the subject is inspiring. ODL allowed me the flexibility to study around my work whilst having the reassurance that my tutor was there to answer any questions and support me throughout the course

    Sally Spencer (Oxford, England), Diamond Diploma ODL

  Next Steps for Diamond Diploma Graduates

Gemmology Foundation

Diamond Diploma Graduates may also be inspired to continue their studies with the Gem-A Gemmology Foundation course, which leads to the Gem-A Gemmology Diploma.

Become DGA Member

Upon completing the Diamond Diploma, Graduates are eligible to apply to join the Association and become DGA (Diamond Fellows of the Gemmological Association) Member.

Further Study

By successfully completing the Gem-A Diamond Diploma, Gemmology Foundation and the Gemmology Diploma, Graduates can apply to take the BSc in Gemmology & Jewellery Studies.

Read more information about further gemmological study and advancing your career, here.

  Help & Support

For advice and guidance please email or telephone us on +(44) 0207 404 3334 .