Reach Your Potential with the Gem-A Gemmology Diploma

Once you have completed the Gem-A Gemmology Foundation course, you will be eligible to complete our highest and most prestigious qualification – the Gem-A Gemmology Diploma.

Through this course you will learn about a wider array of gems, synthetics and treatments, building on the practical and theoretical knowledge you gained during your Foundation studies.

Upon completion of the Gemmology Diploma you will have an in-depth understanding of gemmology and the principles of gem testing, as well as enhanced gem identification skills.

  Quick Facts: The Gem-A Gemmology Diploma

  • Who Can Apply? Gemmology Foundation Graduates only

  • Study Time: 4 or 9 months

  • Study Method: Online or Accredited Teaching Centre

  • Qualification: Gem-A Level 6 in Gemmology (Ofqual level 6). Graduates become eligible to apply for Fellowship of Gem-A, allowing them to use FGA status)

  • Equipment Provided: Comprehensive Diploma course notes; practical handbook and workbook; fluorite and rutile crystal models; Diploma stone set containing 20 rough and cut specimens. Those choosing to study online will also receive a travel microscope.

  • Course Fees: Starting from £3995, varies depending on method of study

Read more detailed information about this course and our entry requirements by downloading the Gemmology Diploma Guide

  What Will I Learn?

  • Building on knowledge gained during your Gemmology Foundation studies, you will explore further gemstone treatments and synthetic materials and how to identify them.

  • Other areas of study include interpreting results from advanced gem testing equipment; solving gemmological problems based on scientific data; and critically analysing the validity, reliability and credibility of information related to gemmology

  • You will be taught to confidently discuss the ethical, environmental and technological implications of the gem trade, while being able to demonstrate practical skills that benefit specialists in the field, in the laboratory and at the jewellery-maker’s bench.

  How Will I Be Assessed?

Assessed coursework:

4 online assessments


2 examination papers combining theory and practical, plus one practical exam

Practical Lab Class:

Only applicable to online students. Accredited Teaching Centre students will complete this practical element as part of their on-site studies.

For general enquiries, contact the Gem-A Education department on

  How to Study with Gem-A?

With Gem-A, you can apply to study online or in-person at one of our international Accredited Teaching Centres. Choose the route that suits you to discover more information and upcoming course dates.

Those wishing to study at the Gem-A Teaching Centre in London, UK, or via Online Distance Learning can download and complete the application form here. For all other Teaching Centres, please contact your chosen centre directly.

Please note: Non-native English speakers must have an English qualification, e.g. IELTS (Level 7) or TOEFL (score of 95-120), to study with us via our Teaching Centre in London, UK and via Online Distance Learning. Speak to your preferred Accredited Teaching Centre to find out more about entry requirements in your country.

  What Our Students Say

  • I studied the on-site evening course over one year, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I found learning with a small group of enthusiastic students and like-minded tutors enabled me to succeed. Studying the Diploma has helped me in my career, as having recently joined the gem trade I am now able to use my knowledge and skills with the confidence and assurance that I am making the right decisions.

    Noah Thompson (London, England), Gemmology Diploma student

  Becoming a Gem-A Member

Graduates of the Gemmology Diploma course can apply to join the Association and become FGA (Fellow of the Gemmological Association) Members. This will allow you to use the post-nominals ‘FGA’ after your name.

FGA status highlights your educational achievements, knowledge and integrity, while signifying your membership of a professional body within the international gem and jewellery trades. Your name will appear on the FGA and DGA Register, available to the public to view on our website, so anyone can see that you are qualified and a registered Member with us.

Find out more about Gem-A Membership, here

  Next Steps for Gemmology Diploma Graduates

Diamond Diploma

Enhance your understanding by pursuing the Gem-A Diamond Diploma, leading to eligibility for DGA Membership status. Read more about our diamond qualifications here.

BSc in Gemmology & Jewellery Studies

Upon successful completion of the Gem-A Gemmology Foundation, Gemmology Diploma and Diamond Diploma, Graduates can apply to take the BSc in Gemmology & Jewellery Studies.

FEEG Diploma

The FEEG Diploma is built from the collective knowledge of Europe’s top gemmological training centres. Those that pass both the theoretical and practical exams can use the post-nominal letters, EG.

More information on further gemmology study can be found here.

  Help & Support

For advice and guidance please email or telephone us on +(44) 0207 404 3334 .