Practical Provider

Gem-A Approved Practical Provider (GAPP) centres allow our Online Distance Learning (ODL) students to study the practical lab class component of their course outside of London. Some Accredited Training Centres (ATC's) also act as GAPP centres and offer this practical tuition separately from their other courses. Please contact the relevant ATC in your area to see what courses they have available.

Ross Chapman, Brisbane, Australia

Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT)

Istituto Gemmologico Emiliano Romagnolo di Emanuele Schintu

ACG Analisi e consulenze gemmologiche

Ayako Naito, Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka

Jill Towers, Auckland, New Zealand

Craig Thomas, Gauteng, South Africa

David Craft, Gabriel Arredondo, Geneva

  • E:
  • T: +41 22 310 3450
  • T: +41 78 751 85 65
  • Exam Centre Available: Yes

Jean Marie Duroc-Danner, Geneva, Switzerland

Adelmo Venturelli, Morges, Switzerland

Ross Chapman, Thailand

Gwyn Green, Midlands, UK

Kerry Gregory, (Anywhere in the UK)

Arthur Hill , Jersey , UK

Alan Hodgkinson, Ayrshire, UK

K.A.T.E. Coventry, UK

Pauline Jamieson, Edinburgh, UK

Rachel Warner, London, UK

FIT, New York, USA

Eric Fritz, Arizona, USA



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