Gem-A Member Branches

Gem-A has a well-established network of regional branches within the UK, where members of the Association regularly meet and discuss gemmology-related topics It is also the perfect opportunity to meet up with local people that have similar interests in their own areas.

The Branches officially started in in August 1952 (see our History for more information on their formation) when the Association's Council produced a number of by-laws for branches of the Association in the UK. Each branch would run as a distinct business affiliated with the Association, taking account of all its own affairs. Five branches were formed with active participants from the South West, Midlands, North West, North East and East and West of Scotland. To this day, a number of the Branches continue to provide gemmologists with a number of seminars, lectures and social events throughout the year – each with their own distinct stories of development.

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Started in 1952 by a number of pioneering gemmologists from the Birmingham area, the Midlands Branch has always been one of Gem-A's most active and pioneering branches. Celebrating it's 60th anniversary in 2012, the Midlands Branch is currently steered by Branch Chair, Louise Ludlum-Snook, and is still extremely active throughout the year, with a number of events and social gatherings taking place in Birmingham each month. To find out more about the Midlands Branch and all its activities, please contact Louise using the details below.


Louise Ludlam-Snook


Opened at the same time as Gem-A's other official branches, the North East Branch has continued to meet in a subtle and more muted way than other Branches over the years. Still active and very much looking for new members, the North East Branch represents a great way for our members or associates of the Association to join us on a regular occassion to keep up their local networks and advance their gemmological knowledge. To find out more about the North East Branch and all its activities, please contact Mark Houghton using the details below - or follow the links to the North East's Branch Group on our GemTalk community.


Mark Houghton:
Sara North:


 Gem-A's North West Branch is currently inactive. Any Gem-A members based in the North West catchment area who would like to rekindle this branch and who have the time to commit to our format for the administration of a regional branch, please contact Gem-A on


The closest branch to Gem-A HQ in London, the South East Branch does a great job of servicing the needs of our members living around or just outside the capital, as well as in the Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. With one of the most pioneering and active Branch Chair's, the South East Branch has a great track record of keeping Gem-A members and associates passionate about gems and jewellery, whilst providing a number of important networking opportunities to members.


Vernoica Wetten




One of Gem-A's most highly-regarded Branches, the South West Branch has been extremely active in both the Bath and Bristol areas for a number of years. With regular meetings held at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, the South West Branch continues a long tradition of education and networking throughout the region. To find out more about the South West Branch and all its activities, please contact Richard Slather or Eve Symes using the details below - or follow the links to the South West's Branch Group on our GemTalk community.


Rachael Boothroyd (SW Branch Secretary):

Richard Slater (SW Branch Chairman):

Eve Symes (SW Branch Treasurer):


For information on Branch events, see the meetings information listed on the News & Events areas of the website. If you would like more information about a Branch in your area, please see below and contact your local branch committee members.



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