Baoming Li


Jewellery specialist – Asian Market Developer


Le floc’h, Maison de ventes, Paris – St Cloud


Gemmology Diploma



What have you been up to since completing your studies with Gem-A?

During my Gem-A studies, I got a job opportunity as a jewellery intern at Auction EVE Paris. Then I passed the FEEG diploma in the same year, following my graduation from Gem-A with my Gemmology Diploma. Since 2019, I have been working at Le Floc’h Maison de Ventes in Paris.

How has your gem-a qualification helped you in your career so far?

I was hired directly after the interview with my current employer, having a multicultural and multilingual profile, plus a strong gemmology qualification from Gem-A. More importantly, the training I acquired at Gem-A has given me accurate and professional skills in my daily valuations job; as a result, my team and clients appreciate the accurate jewellery appraisals I provide ahead of auction.

What are the most important skills you have taken away from your gem-a studies?

I have gained high-level gemstone identification skills thanks to Gem-A’s Gemmology Diploma course. Also, by participating in the London Conference in November 2018, I met different experts working in the gem industry and obtained a worldwide network.

What would you say to anyone considering taking a gem-a course?

Gem-A’s Gemmology Diploma is a very constructive and systematic course of gemmology. It might be a bit difficult at the beginning, especially for people who may have a weak science background, but Gem-A’s professional team will solve all these problems. With diligence and great effort, you will be very proud of yourself once you graduate with the most prestigious diploma of gemmology.