Fay Barrow


Gemmologist and Valuer




Gemmology Foundation



What have you been up to since completing your studies with Gem-A?

I have been studying the CAT course with the National Association of Jewellers.

How has your gem-a qualification helped you in your career so far?

It has given me the confidence to appraise and increase my presence in the industry. I have also enjoyed networking and gaining many new contacts.

What are the most important skills you have taken away from your gem-a studies?

Gaining the ability to assess and appraise with confidence, and to talk to clients, colleagues and members of the public with knowledge and enthusiasm.

What would you say to anyone considering taking a gem-a course?

Don’t hesitate – you will gain more knowledge than you could ever imagine. It is imperative that those operating in our industry are competent and demonstrate the highest standards possible. Having Gem-A qualifications is the ‘gold standard’ for any serious practitioner.