Iakovina Kotsakou FGA


Gemmologist & Jewellery Blogger




Gemmology Diploma



What have you been up to since completing your studies with Gem-A?

I found a job at the GCS (Gemmological Certification Services) Laboratory in London. I worked as an administrator assistant and more specifically I was dealing with clients, collecting their gemstones and jewellery and having a first look at them. Later on, I became a blogger and started my own blog, FashionChroism, focused on gemstones and jewellery.

How has your gem-a qualification helped you in your career so far?

My Gem-A qualification helped me find a job at the GCS Laboratory in London and start my career by gaining experience on this field. Then, it drove me one step further, when I started my own blog, which attracts interested readers from across the globe.

What are the most important skills you have taken away from your gem-a studies?

Apart from the theoretical knowledge, I believe that the practical ability to use gemmological equipment is the most important skill. Moreover, I gained confidence when I found a job in the field of gemmology and improved my attention to detail, which makes a huge difference in this industry.

What would you say to anyone considering taking a gem-a course?

If you are passionate about gemstones and jewellery, and feel that this is a great opportunity for you to broaden your horizons and become specialised, you shouldn’t wait at all! Knowledge and practical skills are all you need and you will achieve them from the Gemmology Diploma!