Leigh Davis FGA DGA CPAA


Consulting Gemmologist


Family-run jeweller


Gemmology Diploma



What have you been up to since completing your studies with Gem-A?

Whilst studying with Gem-A I was also studying for a BSc in Gemmology. I have since finished my degree and have now got a full-time job in a family-run jeweller where I am using my gemmological qualifications as a consulting gemmologist.

How has your gem-a qualification helped you in your career so far?

Having my Gem-A qualifications first and foremost helped to pave the way into my career. Since starting my new job, I have used my qualifications to identify gem-set jewellery that customers have brought in. I have also used my knowledge of gemstones and diamonds to give customers more information about what they are purchasing, which includes explaining diamond certificates to them and what the grades mean. I have also helped customers make informed decisions as to whether the item they are purchasing is suitable for its intended use, such as customers wanting to buy soft or brittle gemstones for use as engagement rings.

What are the most important skills you have taken away from your gem-a studies?

The most important skills I have taken away from Gem-A is most definitely the practical skills, such as how to identify gemstones, grading and detecting diamonds and also distinguishing between the different types of pearls. I also think the theoretical knowledge has been important; for example, a lot of customers are interested in whether or not gemstones have had treatments, the locality of the stones and also whether they have been sourced ethically.

What would you say to anyone considering taking a gem-a course?

If you have a genuine interest or passion in gemstones and jewellery I would most definitely recommend the Gemmology Diploma. I was worried at first where my Diploma would take me and whether it would actually be used after graduating, but since entering the jewellery trade, I have used my gemmological knowledge, whether practical or theoretical, on an almost daily basis. It is a fantastic course – I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and I am now looking to further my gemmological studies!