Mak Man Ho


Laboratory Operator




Gemmology Diploma



What have you been up to since completing your studies with Gem-A?

After completing my Gem-A course, I started to explore and enrich my knowledge of gemmology and jewellery. I attended the Gem-A Conference 2018 along with the Coloured Stone Grading & Pricing workshop at Gem-A HQ and I gained a lot of inspiration from there. I then realised that this was just the starting point of my career in this field and therefore decided to take a diploma in jade (Fei Cui) in Hong Kong.

How has your gem-a qualification helped you in your career so far?

With my Gem-A qualification, I have gained the opportunity to work in a gemstone laboratory which mainly tests jade (Fei Cui). And I finally became a certified gemmologist in Fei Cui in Hong Kong last month. Unlike my previous role in the production management department of a jewellery export company, I am delighted to find a new career path and learn more about laboratory management and standard maintenance. In addition, I have acquired many skills in the lab, especially the technical management skill for performing gemmological tests on gemstones.

What are the most important skills you have taken away from your gem-a studies?

The most common questions I received after my Gem-A studies were concerning gemstone identification. Therefore, I am sure that the classification skills learned in theory classes and the identification skills cultivated in the practical workshops at Gem-A are the most significant strengths for helping my career.

What would you say to anyone considering taking a gem-a course?

At first, I took the Gem-A course because I was curious about the origins and values of gemstones. After completing the course, I found that I was not just pursuing my interest. I obtained a more profound understanding of gem cutting and mining and also of gemstone markets. I also became more involved in different gemmological seminars and mineral shows. All in all, the Gem-A course is challenging yet rewarding as it can bring you some new interests and unexpected experiences.